What is the definition of a Reseller host?

Reseller host

What is the definition of a Re-seller host?

Most business individuals know that the internet is among the tools of business that would be likely to increase their earnings and help them to be better at what they do. They have to build websites that enable them to be able to offer their products on the internet. This creates the need for businesses that provide the website hosting services to others. To be a good host, it takes some effort on the part of the service provider.

Being in this form of business, the individual has the option of joining at several levels. The first of these is the agent level. Here the individual does all the hard work of advertising the services. He or she gets a commission from the bigger company for all sales out of his or her efforts.

The other option is buying from the larger company and reselling. The re-seller buys the rights to resell from the mother company and does looks for buyers. This is a common situation in the market today.

The other situation is where the smaller company buys large bandwidth from the bigger company and splits it up into smaller chunks. It then sells these to businesses with smaller needs for bandwidth. The re-seller can then ask for assistance or help from the bigger company.

For those who may be thinking of investing in such businesses, there are several tips and pointers that would help them be better business-people. One of these is to analyse the needs of common businesses on the market. This does not require a lot of technical knowledge from the service provider.

One of the mistakes that people when choosing and registering the names is not registering the plurals and other variations of the name. This denies access to individuals who may not know the exact name of the site and use these variations. Businesses should avoid names that are similar to those of others in the same market.

It would also be advisable to use as many domain name extensions as possible. This means having several different sites but the expense traps more traffic and redirects to the website. The common extensions such as .com, .net .info and others should be part of the business strategies.


Most of the servers update and maintain themselves independent of the administrator or re-seller.


They are able to keep their maintenance files and configurations better than most of the others. However, if technical difficulties arise while the users are using the services, they should ask the assistance of their mother companies.

Small businesses are the target market for these re-seller services. They have limited needs and therefore, it is easier for them to acquire the services of re-sellers. The big service providers are more specialised and their services are meant for the larger companies. They are therefore expensive and wasteful for small businesses.

However, some of the small businesses have other needs for their sites besides offering the necessary information to clients. They may need to conduct e-commerce activities and therefore need more bandwidth and security. The small-scale service providers may be unable to offer such services and therefore it would be better to look for specialised professionals.

Though some of the levels of service provision in these businesses are purely to promote the mother companies, they also benefit from this. They are able to familiarise themselves with the market conditions. They also build a reputation for themselves and therefore if they establish their own businesses, they would be able to get a customer base.

Website hosting is a very important service. People should explore the possibility of investing in such business opportunity rather than the common popular opportunities they know of. This increases their chances of success and profits.


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