Choose a web hosting package based on your business needs.

Includes email accounts, unlimited traffic and all-SSD storage space for your website files.

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Free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS domain validation certificates automatically with all hosting packages, providing the trusted green padlock icon and HTTPS in the browser address field.

Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

Centralised security for your website and website applications (like WordPress and Joomla). In essence, Cloudbric is a cloud-based web application firewall.

What that means is that it guards against suspicious website traffic, specifically looking for attempts to exploit security flaws in the website’s code.

(Added on to your hosting package for only R149 a month per domain)

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R100 /pm
monthly debit order
5 GB SSD storage?
5 SSD databases
100 mailboxes
100 email aliases
1 FTP account?
10 multiple domains?
Domain Registration?
R150 /pm
monthly debit order
10 GB SSD storage?
10 SSD databases
250 mailboxes
250 email aliases
3 FTP accounts?
25 multiple domains?
Domain Registration?
R280 /pm
monthly debit order
15 GB SSD storage?
20 SSD databases
500 mailboxes
500 email aliases
7 FTP accounts?
50 multiple domains?
Domain Registration?
R450 /pm
monthly debit order
20 GB SSD storage?
40 SSD databases
1000 mailboxes
1000 email aliases
15 FTP accounts?
75 multiple domains?
Domain Registration?

Popular domains and renewal costs


    R150 / year
  • .com

    R250 / year
  • .africa

    R389 / year
  • .tv

    R679 / year
  • .org

    R219 / year
  • .net

    R219 / year

    R319 / 2 years
  • .info

    R259 / year

    R79 / year
  • .biz

    R239 / year
  • .de

    R159 / year
  • .eu

    R139 / year
  • .durban

    R219 / year
  • .mobi

    R249 / year
  • .joburg

    R219 / year
  • .co

    R409 / year
  • .cc

    R589 / year