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Cloud-based Web Application Firewall

We know that you care deeply about your website, and that you want to do everything necessary to ensure its safety and security. This is why we’ve partnered with Cloudbric to bring this cloud-based web application firewall to SA for the first time.

What is Cloudbric?

Centralised security for your website and website applications (like WordPress and Joomla). In essence, Cloudbric is a cloud-based web application firewall. What that means is that it guards against suspicious website traffic, specifically looking for attempts to exploit security flaws in the website’s code.

Why do you need Cloudbric?

We all know that hackers get more sophisticated by the day, which is why it’s essential to be one step ahead when it comes to web security. Hetzner’s hosting platform is well-maintained and secure, but the network layer and hosting platform security (which we provide) can’t protect your website layer. No matter how effective your neighbourhood watch is, it’s still a good idea to have an alarm in your home.

Cloudbric offers all-inclusive website security in just a few minutes. Individual website and application security has always been the responsibility of the customer, but we know that it can be stressful to manage. Which is why we’ve partnered with Cloudbric to offer you one simple solution so you know exactly what to do for website security. You’re still responsible for your website’s security, but once you’ve installed Cloudbric, you’ll be able to manage it with ease.

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SQL injections
SS (Cross Site Scripting)
website DDoS
file inclusion
cookie poisoning
security misconfigurations
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Web Application Firewall (WAF)
All web traffic to your website is routed through the WAF, where it detects and blocks malicious traffic, while allowing legitimate traffic through.

Website-level DDoS Protection
Cloudbric blocks DDoS attacks which could exhaust your website resources and make it inaccessible to the visitors you want.

Blocking specific countries and IP ranges
Cloudbric’s dashboard allows you to perform certain tasks like blocking visitors from specific countries or IP addresses from accessing your website.