3 Tips to Create Intuitive Web Design

3 Tips to Create Intuitive Web Design

3 Tips to Create Intuitive Web Design

Do you have an outstanding product for sale? A niche service offering that users couldn’t find anywhere else? Have you gone all-out on social media with a boost from paid advertising?

All of that might not place your online business where you want it to be, if you don’t have a website that compels potential customers to stick around. Follow these three tips to improve your site’s appeal and user experience (UX):

1. Improve your site’s layout

StatistaIf you’ve been working with your site primarily on a desktop or laptop, you might be missing the bigger picture. Mobile devices account for just under half of all web traffic, so it’s crucial to build your site with an appealing mobile-responsive design. That can mean a completely different mobile layout, with important items stacked vertically for easy scrolling, or it can simply mean ensuring your site loads quickly and displays coherently on a phone screen.

2. Make navigation easy for users

Users depend on an accessible navigation bar that should be displayed on your landing page. Make sure your navigation bar follows the user’s journey to each page on your site, remaining in the same location through each click. Also, don’t overload your navigation bar with options–the simpler, the better. A great option for optimizing navigation and improving user satisfaction is some A/B testing of different options, such as positioning and features.

3. Be a credible and rich source of information

No matter how effective and compelling your digital presentation is, your customer will no doubt have questions that need to be answered before they make a decision on your product or service. For example, customers may need information on how to set up a service, the effectiveness or lifespan of a product, or how a typical customer might use what you’re selling. For this reason, it’s crucial to have information, perhaps including a buyer’s guide, located in a clearly accessible area of your website.

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